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                                                LANDSCAPE OIL PAINTING CLASSES


Oil painting classes are currently being held in the studio on Monday afternoons, Monday evenings, Tuesday afternoons .  Class times are from 1pm till 4pm in the afternoons and from 7pm till 10pm in the evenings. 

The initial course covers eight weeks. one class per week, with two oil paintings being completed in that time.

YOU WILL LEARN the basics of

Colour mixing

Linear and aerial perspective


Paint application and brush strokes

THE FIRST FOUR WEEKS will be spent painting a landscape alongside the artist

of a projected scene.

This is the best way to see the procedure demonstrated at the same time as doing it yourself and learning the process and techniques as you apply them to your own painting.

THE SECOND FOUR WEEKS will be devoted to a scene using a different palette (range of colours) and will include either a lake with water reflections, a sunset or a rural scene.

PAINTS AND BRUSHES initially will be supplied.

You will need to bring your own canvas boards of whatever size you prefer

though smaller rather than too large is recommended for getting started.

THE COST is $40 per three hour class for the eight week course.

Private tuition $60 per class.

After this course you will have all the basic knowledge to be able to go out and paint to your heartís content or to continue your studies with the group to a more professional level.

Either way the most important thing then is plenty of practice.


Figure drawing

Plein Air painting (outdoor landscape studies) warmer months of the year.


Figure painting


For more information and any enquiries



Phone 021 134 5665 


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